Monday, 1 June 2015

A New Start

So here we are, 1st June 2015, already 6 months into the year and only 6 months remaining!

Unfortunately what they say is true "Time Gets Faster The Older You Get", and now more than ever before is that coming to pass.

The problem I have is this, my days are longer than ever before but there seems to be less time to get everything done, so I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong.

Is it just me? Am I the only one suffering from each day coming and going too soon? The answer I've come to realise is.....NO!

We live in a society that tells us:
  • If you're 'bored' you're lazy and not doing/working/studying enough
  • You must look perfect all of the time (hair on point, makeup on point, tan on point, outfit on point) otherwise someone will label you as 'tired' ..... aka you look like #!@* 
  • Look up to celebrities and successful people (rich people) and try so hard to emulate that lifestyle....which is impossible

Ok, so now a little about me (and getting to the point) -

I'm Katie! Hi, nice to meet you!
I'm 26 years old, engaged, working in London full time (minimum 9hrs a day), living in Surrey, endure a 4hr a day commute (yes it's a killer), I'm a singing and performance coach, a professional gigging singer and a strong believer in 'wanting & having it all'!
I also love fashion, makeup, interior design, traveling, the gym, looking good, feeling good, romantic evenings with my man, eating out, the movies, seeing my family, blogging, shopping, reading...... You get the picture.

My point is, each day I run out of time to do all the things I need to do never mind the things I want to do for myself, and I've had enough.
There must be another way, and by that I don't mean quitting everything and signing on (nothing wrong with that of course, unless you're just lazy), but there must be another way to work this much, this hard and still achieve all the dreams I have without sacrificing my health, well-being and relationships.

So this is my little blog showing my journey of the ups and downs, success and failures of trying to have and do it all as a normal 26 year old female....

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