Tuesday, 16 June 2015

6 Ways to Feel Fabulous Instantly

When you feel fabulous, you look fabulous! Nothing can stand in your way and you're ready to take on the world. 

I know when I feel fabulous I'm more productive, assertive and ambitious. I work better and I feel better about myself. I exude confidence and happiness and above all, I don't care about what other people think.

Here are 6 simple things that will make you feel more Fabulous instantly:

1) Good Hair
Get up 15mins earlier and wash that hair! We all know when your hair is on point you feel better. Curly, straight, updo, top knot, whatever you're feeling make that small extra effort in the morning, you'll thank yourself later.

2) Bubble Bath 
I love a good bubble bath. There is nothing more relaxing then some candles, relaxing music and sinking in to a luxurious bath of bubbles with maybe a cheeky glass of wine on the side. 

3) A Tan
I have very fair skin and I don't really like to spend too much time in the sun for both health and beauty reasons, not too mention walking around like a lobster is just not a good look. So my answer is FAKE TAN! Yes I said it, I love fake tan. It's puts a glow to my skin and I feel better when I'm less pasty.

4) Sunglasses 
You're running late and you've no time to put on your face, so stick on a pair of sunnies and you'll instantly feel more glamorous. I have a serious sunglasses problem and I love investing in a beautiful pair, but I've found equally as stylish sunglasses in TopShop and Zara as I have Bulgari and D&G.

5) Pedicure
Now let's get something straight, feet generally aren't very pleasant to look at, so help them out and get a pedi. As a woman who loves heels, I feel really strongly about keeping my feet looking fabulous, (no one needs to see crusty toes and your own personal stash of parmesan) especially in summer. Indulge and book yourself a spa treatment (Ki Day Spa in Cheshire is by far the best Spa I've been too) or go DIY and make time at home. 

6) Makeup
Investing in good makeup is worth every penny but making the time to try out what suits you is the key to your makeup success. I've spent hours watching makeup and hair tutorials and here are some of my favourite blogger and vloggers who have inspired me to try out new techniques and products: Huda Kattan, Carli Babel and Sazan Barzani

 "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous!" by Coco Chanel

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