Sunday, 7 June 2015

Reflection #1 - Confidence

So the first week of my blog has come and gone and I'm quite overwhelmed with the amount of views I've had on here, so I just want to say Thanks to everyone who's read either or both of the posts and Thank you to anyone who has like my FaceBook Page.


So this last week wasn't as crazy as it can normally be and it was nice to have the time to work on the blog and create content for the days I wanted to post. The hardest thing I've found is to write content that I would want to read, but I think this is all down to self belief or lack of it.

Confidence is a funny thing. With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we all tend to make things look bigger and better than they might seem. Taking multiple selfies before we post the perfect pic online and editing photos with filters to enhance the quality of said pic to make it 'perfect' is something we're all guilty of.
Is this a bad thing? no I don't think so, as I believe it can encourage people to push themselves to do and experience things they would never thought possible, but on the flip side we are creating this online persona and personal brand of how we want to be perceived which may be far from the truth.

Publishing the blog this week and promoting it to friends and family made me very nervous. I am still scared of what people might think, but yet intrigued to see how people will react to the blog and if anyone will read it.

No one from back home really knows what I  actually do in London as I don't really talk about work online (I run a music studio and music management company btw). The truth is I'm not really in contact with anyone I went to school or uni with. Obviously on my Facebook I have lots of friends who I've met through the years and yet I have only invited a few selected people to see my blog and not others.

Why is this? I guess because I'm still conscious of their opinion, which is ridiculous and makes me think if I should have them on my FB at all, but a part of me knows we're all the same. Everyone of us has confidence and self belief issues, but it's how to get through them and eliminate them that is the most important thing.
There's a few old friends of mine on Facebook that really inspire me and I feel proud of them for what they are doing with their lives, but yet I've never told them, why, who knows, probably because I haven't seen them in years and we've all moved on, but isn't that a bit sad? Shouldn't we be celebrating each other, and lifting each other up?!

Confidence is a funny thing and my mission with this blog is to take risks, take myself out of my comfort zone and do things that scare and challenge me every week.

You should always be yourself and make yourself happy, I'm going to stop worrying about others opinions and do things for me. After all I am the one living my life, not them.

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