Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To Own Your Day

It's hard to stay disciplined and motivated when you're tired and worn out especially after a long day, but the key I've found this week to reaching my targets and achieving my goals is to plan ahead and stick to it no matter what.

Yes ok, this is easier said then done, but pushing yourself for that extra 30 minutes to finish that workout (hello summer is here.....bikini body please) at the end of the day before bed, will boost your mood and have you falling asleep feeling positive and proud of yourself.

Being organised makes the biggest difference in the outcome of your day. Of course, things pop up and occur that you hadn't expected, after all that is life, but ensuring you have allocated time for each task you want to complete is essential to your daily progress and sense of achievement.

Here are 8 different factors that will make your day more successful:

1) Plan Your Day
Make your To Do list. Set out what you want to achieve and complete within each day.

2) Be Realistic
The biggest mistake we all make is over stretching ourselves. Setting to many unrealistic goals in the end sets us up to fail, and then you feel like a failure and disappointed in yourself.

3) Prioritise
Figure out the most important things you must have done by the end of the day, and then work backwards.

4) Be Selfish
Allowing time for yourself each day is essential for your wellbeing. Read that book you've been wanting to for ages, go to the gym, or put on a face mask and relax for 10 minutes, the results you will feel within are more than worth it.

5) Take A Break
Reclaim Your Lunch Break! You're not a machine, you can't work consistently 24/7 without a break, so take one, go for a walk and have a breather, you will be refocused and ready to take on all the tasks and goals you've set for the day.

6) Routine
We are creatures of habit who achieve more when we are comfortable and relaxed within our environments. Try to enforce a routine when you get into work even if it is making a coffee before you check emails, or taking a bathroom break to refocus and ensure you look the part before a meeting or starting your shift.

7) Eat & Drink
I can not stress how important this is to your day. Drinking enough water and eating regularly will be the ultimate decider on if and how you achieve your goals. Do you find yourself moody, ratty and sleepy if you haven't eaten for a couple of hours? I know I do, I don't even want to be around me when if I do get to that point, so I ensure I always have a 2litre bottle of water at my desk which subconsciously reminds me often to take a little drink.

8) Enjoy!!!
The most important thing is to enjoy each and every day. As the famous saying goes 'We only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough' Mae West.

Cameron Diaz - The Body Book
Miranda Kerr - Treasure Yourself

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